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Invest in ME



Invest in ME is a UK charity which is small but mighty! It was set up and is run by a group of volunteers, all with personal experience of ME. 


The charity aims to raise awareness of ME and the devastating effects it can have. However, the charity is also leading the way in funding bio-medical research into ME, making the chance of a recognised treatment or even a cure a possibility. With no government funding given for scientific research into ME (any funding has gone to psychiatry) the work that Invest in ME does is absolutely vital.


Invest in ME's achievements so far include funding for a centre of excellence for ME, which will be based at UEA (University of East Anglia). The charity also have funding for a rituximab trial - a drug which, if successful, may be a step in changing the lives of thousands of ME sufferers.


You can find out more about Invest in ME at




Let's do it For ME!

The 'Let's do it for ME!' campaign was set up in 2011 by a group of severely affected ME sufferers. As well as raising awareness of ME, the campaign also is a key part in raising the funds to support the work of Invest in ME.


The LDIFME team work extremely hard to plan and run all kinds of exciting events. These include the annual 'Big Sleep for ME' and the 'Walk for ME' - both events allow sufferers and non-sufferers to get involved and are very popular. The LDIFME blog is an excellent place for keeping up with all of the fun-filled things being planned.


As well as this, the LDIFME website is also home to a fantastic online shop, which again raises funds for bio-medical research into ME. There are many products on offer and many sufferers get involved, selling their own crafts and creations.


You can visit the LDIFME website at 



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