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'From ME to You, With Love' Nominations Project launched

Novermber 19th 2014

There's a new project going on which has been inspired by the letters in the book which recognise those people who are amazing. If you click on the 'Nominations Project' you can nominate somebody to receive a personalised certificate and letter to let them know just how special they are.

You could nominate a doctor who has really listened and believed you, a friend who has just dropped you a little text now and then to let you know that they're thinking of you, a teacher, family member or anyone else who has made a difference. It could also be for someone with ME that you know or care for, for the inspirational way that they deal with their illness.

The nominations are also going to form the basis for a new book, a follow up to 'From ME to You, With Love' which is going to show the world just how important these unsung heroes are - and that they do exist!

Paperback version reduced by 25% over the festive season

November 10th 2014

You know it's nearly Christmas when:
You've seen the Coca-Cola advert
Downton Abbey has finished
John Lewis have released their latest dose of cuteness
You're looking for lovely little stocking fillers at a reduced price...

... and the book 'From ME to You, With Love' is reduced by 25% from now over the Christmas period. Spread the love and awareness of ME this Christmas! With 100% of profits going to Invest in ME you'll also be giving a gift to an amazing charity.

To buy the book visit:

For more information about the book visit:

Book sales reach 250!

October 27th 2014

When the book launched in May, I had no idea how people would take to it or how well it would sell. Which is why it's brilliant news that now over 250 copies have been sold in just under 5 months. All profits have been donated to Invest in ME! Here's to the next 250!

'From ME to You, With Love' raises £300 for Invest in ME!

October 24th 2014

I'm very excited to let you know that profits from the sale of the book have now soared past the £300 mark! All of this has of course been donated to Invest in ME to help continue their amazing work. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the cause and bought a copy of the book!

Audio book auditions in progress

August 28th 2014

Auditions for an audio book version of 'From ME to You, With Love' are now in progress. When completed, the audio book will be available at and will make the book accessible to those who are not able to read due to the limitations of their ME. Keep checking back for more updates!


New website now live!

August 28th 2014

After a break from book-related activity, Louise has spent some time creating a new website to give more information about the book and where the profits are going. The website is only going to grow as time goes on. Don't forget to spread the word!

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